Youtube Video Marketing Trends – 2016


YouTube presents a huge opportunity to business owners to take the plunge into video marketing,says eMarketer: While 41% of US small businesses use Facebook, only 9% use YouTube. Videos can provide a serious boon when it comes to engagement for business, whereas the competition,in terms of other commercial enterprises  isn’t as fierce as on other major social networks.

  1. Upload new videos regularly, and preferably on a schedule.When you upload a new video, those who have subscribed to your channel will receive a notification. This helps trigger new views.
  2. Post your YouTube videos on Facebook using Facebook’s native video uploader.Facebook videos get more engagement than shared YouTube video links. Use annotations and include a call-to-action within the Facebook video post to “check out my other videos on YouTube” with a link to your YouTube channel.You’ll have the following annotation types to chose from:
  • Speech bubble: Add comic book speech bubbles
  • Note: Semi-transparent box
  • Title: Add a bold title box
  • Spotlight: Frame a spot on your video
  • Label: Create a label for a certain part of your video.

3.Ask for subscribers for a compelling call to action. Add Youtube widgets to make it easier for people to find your videos and to subscribe for the future content.Adding small graphics above your embedded video will improve results.

4.Keep your video titles to 50 characters or less. Longer titles decrease the chances of getting clicked in search.

5.Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and promote them to your social media audience. This will not only increase video views, it will increase your site’s page views.

6.Try keeping your videos to around 3 minutes. The ideal length of a YouTube video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

7.When choosing keywords for your videos, run a quick Google search to see if there are video results for them. If there are, your video has a better chance of ranking in search.

8.Leverage featured channels by partnering with other youtube content creators to increase your reach.

9.Consistently interact and create payoffs and share your goals.

10.Cross-promotion sections let you feature any playlist from another Channel as a section on your own. Your YouTube Community includes your most active fans and followers, but it also includes other YouTube creators. Take advantage of similar demographics and collaboration opportunities, and use cross-promotion sections to showcase that content.

11.Improve your profile to reinforce your business.

  • Business logo
  • Enticing cover art. YouTube suggests a dimension size of 2560 x 1440 px.
  • Social media buttons
  • Matching background color.
  • Link to website
  • Short, error-free descriptions that accompany each video
  • Additional links to engage with the brand

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