Why you should include video in your landing page?

video in landing page

Did you know about 87% of online marketers are including video in their landing page. The reason for this being it is effective and increased their conversion ratio as the visitors get a memorable moment while visiting your page.

Here are some additional benefits that videos could do to your landing page.

Conversion ratio:

The main aspect of a landing page is to convert your viewers into your customers. This could be done with the inclusion of a video which is innovative and interesting that makes them to ask for more. Induce your customer to contact you at the end of the video.

It is found that conversion rate increased up to 86% in multinational firms with the inclusion of a video.

Keep your viewers more engaged to your site:

Viewer engagement to your site is really a challenging task. There should be some factors which attracts them and video is the best one to be employed. Video in your landing page gives more time for viewers to know about your products and services offered.

Explains your stuff:

Instead of reading the plain text, video helps your viewer to understand products as visuals and motion graphics are involved. According to a research it is found that an average human brain have 65% more perception towards visuals rather than long text.

For example if you are a hotel resort, you could create a short video of your resort and embed it in your site. This not only tells about your resort but also influences selling.

The trust booster:

For an online site trust becomes the major business factor. New user could come into your site but there is no exact probability that he would trust you. This is because the human factor is missing in an online site.

This gap could be bridged with the help of video which brings in a human voice for your page. Include a human factor in your video by letting your colleague or CEO to explain the features of the product. This could instill some trust in your viewers leading to further action.

Deepens customer connection:

When a customer can relate more personally to your video then it increases their connection to your product or service. The best videos are the ones which focus on your customer centric list like benefits. Before developing yours it is best to think like a customer which helps you to think out of the box.

Images get shared and videos go viral:

In social media accounts images get shared at a faster pace. Videos if good gets viral across the youtube and so on.

If you create a video which is attractive then if shared on social media pages makes your off page marketing easier.

Customer Testimonials:

For any business a word of mouth is the most essential one and this method could be employed through the testimonials. Instill easily shareable video testimonials which is compatible in multiple devices. Well think again if you view a testimonial of a product, wouldn’t you be inclined to buy it?

Influence Decision Making:

According to a survey it is found that 90% of people make their decisions based on the videos provided. How is your video? Decide the quality of it.

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