Why Many Marketers Fail in their Video Production? The Challenges to Overcome

When it comes to the classic cartoon characters like ‘Tom & Jerry’ it still reminds most of us of our old childhood days. Even today they are being liked by all age groups and are a favourite. Visual storytelling production studios like Disney, Warner Bros have got the meat out of their animated video series capturing the interest of many people over the years.

Today in the digital world brands have also the opportunity to create the same level of videos. Visual stories are also reaching the big screens and with the expected online users to cross 1500 million in 2015 it could be the new strength of marketing for the new brands. When developed well, video could be the best marketing tool evoking emotions among viewers, drawing in new customers and bring in their trust towards the brands.

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Despite the potential of these videos many marketers have failed it to happen. There might be many reasons like lack in resources but for a successful video requires a combination of best efforts. This post will explain the challenges faced by marketers and how to overcome them.

Filling Up With Right Resources:

Videos can benefit all functions of an organization as it has the potential to make connections and drive action among customer of different segments. When your video lacks the united efforts of your team’s viewpoints and ideas then it starts to detoriate in terms of quality and the time length for it.

Inorder to create a superb video marketers need to consider all the viewpoints of their teams. Brainstroming all the views and ideas helps everyone to realize their roles and thereby an united effort is clearly reflected in your video.

Including Them into Your Content Strategy:

Since video creation is an intense process there is always possibility of getting sucked up into a hole. Like a blog content which requires every piece to bring in the best explanation of a product. Similarly videos should also be anchored with the best piece every time keeping in view of the marketing strategy which promotes a product well.

The best example for this Chiptole whose animation explainer video launched frequently in different versions has brought in great changes to the organization. All their videos were quite interesting and followed the best marketing strategy. With the help of diverse and consistent efforts Chiptole achieved this mark and this is the power of videos in online world.

Converting Your Marketing Message into a Story:

As marketers all that is needed is to project your brand in the best manner. Videos offer a guaranteed help for this and becomes effective when it explains a story rather than statistics.

Once in a school some set of students were to explain a subject. It was found that only one of ten rendered explaination in form of a story and the rest were statistics. From the results it is found that 63% of students were able to remember the subject in form of a story whereas only 5% remembered statistics.

Next Step:

These points clearly depict the power of a video in the online world but it is not easy to develop a video as lot amount of skill and expertise is required. But if rendered it could be a powerful marketing tool than the other ones employed.

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