Why Explainer Video is The Best Medium For ROI?

Making explainer videos is of course a costly process but at the end of the day it is not just an investment but also investment of energy and time. But it is guaranteed that every piece of investment for it would bring in great returns.

Lets bring in a justification for the above and find out why explainer videos is a great return on investment.

return on investment

Getting the Right Pitch:

Animated Videos are perfect for getting your message across within a few seconds. This is very much crucial today as many are getting lazy to read a long text online.

Within a couple of minutes, an animated explainer video manages to show your viewers a direct manner of how your company is the best choice for their needs. In other words these are the best marketing tools that represent the best introduction of what your company is like.

Gain Visibility:

It is not enough to showcase your products online but the most important part is that the world sees it. This is possible through videos and can help to gain more visibility for your website in search engines.

The reason being for this an animated explainer video can make your viewers stay for more than 8 seconds to 2 minutes on an average. As more viewers are engaged to your site Google automatically will rank your website higher which makes people to find it easily.

Also by posting your video in YouTube will prove to be an independent marketing entity by bringing in awareness to your product without even visiting your website.

More Returns:

As marketing videos are liable to make your website more visible, it symbolises that people can reach it easier. More people on your website means more potential customers.

It is found that websites having explainer marketing videos are having a conversion to grow more than 20%. This itself indicates the number of people viewing your videos and putting their money into it.

Cost Free Advertising:

Visual content is the most shared content in social media websites. This indicates that what ever the people like to see, they will be compelled to share in the social media. Every time your video is being tweeted, shared in the facebook wall it automatically gets marketed and this is done free of cost.

Brand Awareness:

These videos also make your viewers to be aware of your brand. If your video is showcased with the appropriate characters, colors along with the apt message for your brand it becomes a huge hit. By having a human touch your videos can create a close link between your brand and the viewers.

The more trust created among the viewers the more is the conversion rate. For this it is essential to remember that your video should not be created only for branding but for viewers.

Hence this proves that how explainer videos is the best medium for ROI.

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