What Makes a Great Explainer Video ?- The Things You Need to Know

Explainer Videos are currently the best trend for doing business online and many are implementing them today. There are many published over the past two years but few have been successful and reached the milestone. There are countless factors for this but these are the most important aspects for a successful explainer video.

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Capture the Audience Attention:

A great explainer video is the one which captures the audience attention right from the start. If you considering your video to be a short movie then it should have a hook similar to the movie. Every movie offers a hook, an interesting factor which captures the audience attention. Similarly a great explainer should have the engaging factor. This is often done here by explaining the right feeling or the problem which the targeted audience struggle with. This phenomenon could be a quote , statistic data and other things which hooks the audience. Hence the hooking factor is very important factor for the video right from the start.

Explain your business well:

Now that you grabbed your viewer attention the next thing is to have a clear explanation about your business. This determines the success of your explainer video.This could be done with the great set of script, great voice over, animations rendered and the musical effects but if it delivers a message which is not understandable then it causes a disaster.

On the contrary, if your business has a great explaination then it does the job for you. This becomes the selling point and the best your video is, the greater it convinces your viewer for a purchase or atleast educating them till the end of the video. This itself leads

Call to Action:

This sounds very simple but it is a surprising factor that many companies have done this wrong. Your video has everything right to capture the audience and it is best to convey what the next step is. Don’t let this be blank but instead educate them what would be the next step.

Let this be easy and there are many videos which are great but has a brutal end. You could make your sequential one of all the above with a call to action at the end. Also too much call to actions kills the video and avoid putting urls which are flashy and  full of dots as this confuses the viewers.

There are many aspects which make a great explainer video but if it lacks these basic steps would result it to be a disaster as this acts as the foundation for any video.

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