What is Typography? The Aspects Influencing Them

Typography is the technique of arranging all your data. This includes the selection of the respective type of fonts or right typeface and how it works within your respective medium. To generate a great animation video, it is not restricted to just visuals but also to the font or typo used. The more attractive or humorous typo used greater it attracts your viewer. Here are some basic considerations which the graphic designers should follow


Font Selection:

While designing a sign the font plays an important role. Some companies have their own while others have fonts close to Arial design. Each font have their own unique characteristics and it is important that you choose the ones which suits your business brand.


Size of the font:

Each font has a different size from the other. Some are thin and narrow, flat and wide. Sanseif Bold could be used to the font which makes them appealing and stylish. Font should be allocated the appropriate space which is makes it visible even from a certain distance.


Some signs require much text and the important ones are given a bigger scale, whereas the less important ones are given a smaller scale. The bigger texts are mostly placed at the top and should be legible from a distant view.

Colour of the font:

Besides the scale, colour also plays its part. These create the difference between each font specifying their importance and high contrast colour like red could be employed for important ones. The color employed should be user friendly and preferrably orange colour font with white background would do good.

Quantity of the text:

This is mainly determined with the space available. The amount of text is important in planning the overall sign layout. The space kept for the sign board should not be over crowded and it is important to display your key business information like phone number, address and hours of operation. The other signs could be saved in a different sign.

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