Ways To Explore the Right Target Audience to Promote Your Video

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When it comes to video marketing, your first step should be to figure out your goals and your target audience. Video marketing goals could include one or more of the following:

  • Positioning your business as an authority in your industry.
  • Attracting new clients through informative videos.
  • Attaining more traffic from search engines.

Whether you want your animations to educate people or to influence them, you need to know everything possible about your audience. When it comes to video animation, it’s easy to jump straight into the creative process, designing your visuals, developing your colour schemes and choosing your music. Although these steps are all important parts of your video marketing campaign, your video risks missing its target unless you create specific goals and focus your video towards your target audience.

Defining your target audience means understanding who they are and what works for them! It allows you to understand what your community wants and what motivates them to act. It gives the insight you need to create a video with the right personality and style to entice your target audience. Your online video should be specifically created for your audience!

Define Your Product:

Without introspecting a little,you will never be able to implement an amazing marketing strategy for your videos.Evaluate how your product solves a problem and what really makes you stand out from the competition.Put Yourself into the client’s shoes to gather the information about what they are really looking for.

Don’t forget your existing Fan Base:

Businesses nowadays have followers on social networks such as Twitter and mailing lists.

So when you are marketing your new business video make sure that you get buy-in from your existing fan base from the very beginning. These people already move in the circles online that you are trying to market to.

By harnessing their interest you can maximise your potential reach through getting them engaged and sharing your video content in the right places.

Identifying Your Target Audience:

Using Demographics:

Demographics separate a market by indicators such as age, gender, education level and income. The type of products we purchase, how much we spend and how we purchase are largely influenced by demographic factors. Demographics are used to divide a large population into specific sub groups based on a range of commonly available variables.

  • What is the age bracket of your audience?
  • What percentage is male or female?
  • What is their marital status?
  • Where do they work and live?
  • What is their level of education?
  • What income bracket do they fall under?

Demographic segmentation gives you the opportunity to take advantage of easily accessible census data.  

Defining  your audience through demographics can lead to customer retention and loyalty.

Knowing exactly what your customer wants and needs allows you to tailor your video marketing campaign to create a greater appeal. For example,If you know your audience is primarily female and under the age of 40 and works in fashion, use this information as a base for your video and adapt it accordingly.

Using Psychographics:

Psychographic segmentation separates a market by lifestyle, personality traits, values and the beliefs of consumers. Psychographics looks further into the mental model of your audience and gives you an accurate insight of your audience as a person.   Using psychographics will give you a better understanding on your audience’s interests and lifestyle.

  • Where does your audience stand in their life cycle?
  • What is their social class?
  • What personality features does your audience have?
  • What are their interests and opinions?

Psychographic segmentation gives you the opportunity to establish and look into emotional features, allowing you to connect with your audience’s values and lifestyle on an emotional level.

Using Geographic Segmentation:

Geographic segmentation is the process of dividing your audience based on geographic units such as countries, states, counties, cities and communities.

  • What country are you targeting?
  • What are the climate conditions?
  • Is there a high population density?
  • Are there any specific cultural preferences?
  • How can you appeal to them as a whole?

In comparison to the other methods, geographic segmentation is much more straightforward. This method is particularly favorable for video marketing campaigns looking to appeal to a wide variety of people in a particular place and not a certain type of person. Combining geographic segmentation and other forms allows you to understand individuals specific needs and preferences of your audience in a specific location.

Using Behavioural Patterns:

Behavioral segmentation separates a market based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses and buying habits to the product or service.

  • Is there a special occasion influencing their purchase?
  • What is their user status?
  • What is their loyalty status?
  • What is the their level of usage?
  • What are the benefits sought?
  • Where are they positioned in the buyer readiness stage?

Behavioral segmentation is typically used for video marketing campaigns concentrating on mature and competitive markets. As this approach focuses on your audience’s behaviour, your online video can take advantage of the information gained about their buying habits. Understanding what motivates your audience and their purchasing timeline gives you valuable information to tailor your video approach thus having a greater appeal.

Find out where they are:

This involves in finding out the right channels to reach your target audience. You can use various analytic tools to explore the sites that are usually visited. Looking into Google Analytics Tools and Facebook and Youtube Insights will be of a greater help to see what people talk,and what your competitors are doing.

The bottomline of all,defining your buyer and finding them across the correct channel is the strategy to identify the right audience for your target marketing video.

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