Voice Over- Why Is It Essential to Have the Professional One?

The one thing which can never be neglected while producing an explainer video is the voice over. Professionalism is utmost important here as it narrates the process taking place in the entire video.

animated video voice over

There is always a difference between the software used and a professional voice over artist. Here lets find out the importance of voice over in the animated explainer video production.

Provokes Emotions and Bring in a Human Touch:

A professional voice over knows the best blend of emotions like happiness, compassion or excitement to be used at the appropriate moment in an explainer video production. The voice sets up the mood for the video and brings in a human touch. Software generated voices would lag at times while injecting an emotion for a particular phrase. And professional voice over artists are exactly aware than when the highs and lows to be used, pauses and flow of the story. Hence they will lead the emotions in a right manner.

Here is an example of a voice over being implemented for the apt character.


A dull voice and an unpleasant personality is sure to keep your audience away from watching your video. This would hit back hard in the promotion of the product. A good professional voice over adds a strong personality to your video which in turn makes it stand out from the rest.

Here lets find out the voice over video for this personality.

Injects Quality:

There is always a difference between a quality explainer video and an ordinary one. An animated video is used as the best marketing tool and it is pivotal to have the best quality and similar is the voice over.

The quality is depicted based on the type of software rendered and similar is the one depicting to the voice over.

Bring in Credibility:

It is important that potential customers to trust in your voice explanation. Then a native voice is absolutely essential to convince them. A non native voice would sometimes not make them interested and feel odd. Hence try implementing a native voice over for your video to get the best of the results.

Well this summarizes the need for a professional voice over for the best animated video generation.

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