Unique Things That Your Explainer Video Should Have

There is always a difference between a great explainer video and an ordinary one. There are many key factors to be considered here but you need to consider the most essential ones if you want your explainer video to look great.

Here are some essential aspects that makes your animated explainer video to rock.

explainer videos

Script the Skeleton:

Script is the main aspect for a video, based on which your video is being formulated. Hence there is utmost need for it to be creative, straightforward, clear and consistent. The script must follow a consistent flow with a beginning like explaining the problem of the viewers, middle level like how your product brings in a solution to it and at end like how your product is unique in solving problems compared to the others.

Identify Your Audience:

Identifying your audience is the best means to formulate your video and the more effective this is done the greater the success rate. Focus more on building the design of characters and background, having the key audience in view. Ensure that they feel this video is for them and the effect of which leads to empathy and generates trust towards you.

Colours that Preach:

Your audience need to recognise that the video denotes your brand. This is possible through the colour which you choose for your brand. Preferably choose the bright coloured ones. Here is one video which serves as an example for this:

Compelling Call to Action:

After creating a great video it is essential that your viewers take action to it. This is possible through the creation of a great call to action button. This could be like to subscribe to e-mail list, buy a product, subscribe to e-book. This allows your viewers to take final action and achieve specific marketing goal. Also the words used here should be like icing in the cake and hence make sure you use strong verbs like ‘download’, ‘subscribe’, ‘download’ etc.

Quality in the Making:

A low quality video really hampers its value and declines the trust value, reputation.On the contrary a high quality video does the opposite to the above. Helps you to gain trust, reputation and thereby could lead to a conversion. High quality is to be delivered in the character design and the way at which your video is projected and the rest would be taken care of.

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