Some Tips to Boost Your Home Page Conversion Using Videos

A website home page is the one which really decides the visitors flow and conversion flow that takes place. From a survey it is found that viewers stay long to a website which has a homepage that captures their attention. This means you should grab your audience’s attention quickly and provide the appropriate call to action which makes them to pursue more.

With the aid of right tools and execution, your landing page can convert to even those having the short span of attention. Here are vital steps that you need to know to increase your landing page conversions using explainer videos.

explainer video

As easy as it takes- Target your audience and offer value

Successful landing page is not limited in targeting your desired audience but also should indicate a specific action to be taken up. Placing a Call to Action (CTA) button is the best method to do this. You could include your social media icons, blogs here but should be mainly focussed on performing an action. Any other than this can make your viewers to bounce away.

To convert your target audience there should be a convincing factor to make them go for it. Explainer Videos are useful here and you should inject in them the things required by your viewers. This could be like, why this product, how it is useful and where to purchase them. Don’t forget to add your CTA here as it is major one which leads to your homepage. Finally let your audience that you are targeting them and feel that they are getting some value out of it. This could make them more happy and do what is asked by you.

Your Call to Action provided should be highly visible on the landing page:

Do not forget that your target audience are liable to stick to websites not more than 8 seconds. Hence creating a compelling CTA and video is pivotal. Both these should be placed above the fold and the CTA should be visible at the end of the video or immediately while watching.

Clear,compelling and actionable copy should be placed at the bottom space of the video to deliver greater conversion rates. Implementing small changes can boost your conversions. Place HD thumbnails in your video and also let it be more relative to the subject. This brings more audience to you and don’t trick them with an irrelevant ones.

Actively promote and drive people to your landing page:

Having a great homepage does not matter but should posses good amount of traffic. It is found that landing pages having video makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of Google. Incorporating them also is found to generate more traffic. Your video should also be proactive, which means that they should be a part of social media content strategy and other e mail campaigns as well.

In both these cases make sure that it is not embedded to a social page but should be viewed on your homepage. Ultimately you don’t want to undermine all the hard work done by you to deliver a high conversion landing page which deliver viewers to it.

With proper execution, the right set of explainer videos are guaranteed to bring in great results. Many of our clients have witnessed a 100% increase in their conversion rate on addition of explainer videos to the homepage. Yours could be the next.

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