Some of The Reasons Why Videos Are The Best Ones for Generating Business

The most common thing that you want to accomplish through online marketing efforts is revenue. But many marketers forget about the goals to achieve them, especially for lead generation and branding. Video has fortunately come out to be an effective one for achieving these both much more than long blog posts, e books and white papers. Here is why

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Retention and Engagement Rate Boosts Up:

Your audience live in an atmosphere where they are bombarded with huge list of text messages. Videos helps user attention more than that of long texts. It is found that about 80% of people remember the content of a video for a longer time about 30 days than long texts.

Capture the Emotions of The Viewers:

Video is the best combination of all visual content methods and hence one could include all the emotions of a human being in form of characters. Hence video has a combination of all emotions together which other blog contents cannot offer.

Get Supported in Other Mediums:

Videos are so supportive that they can be embedded in other mediums as well. These can be embedded in social medias, blogs giving a higher exposure and more traffic to your website. The more interesting the videos are the more chances that it could lead to a conversion.

Character Movement Influences Viewer Attention:

As humans we are more drawn towards movement and it is in our nature something in motion and be curious about it. Video offers movement of a character along with the voice or background effects which could catch the attention of viewers in a better manner.

Video Brings In Conversions:

The one who watch your videos are liable to become your customers. This all depends on the quality of the video and it is found 64% of people are liable to convert into your customer. Also these could make them engage for more than two minutes in your site, thereby generating traffic and higher rankings in Search Engines.

The Stats Prove It All:

Here are some stats which prove that video is useful:

  • 45.4% of your targeted audience watch one video atleast per month.

  • 100 million internet users watch video once per day.

  • 75 % of top level executives watch business related videos once per week.

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