Our Logo Design- The Process Involved

Motionplanet,‭ ‬an animated explainer video production company renders its services towards the production of promotional,‭ ‬explainer videos which explains your business in the best manner.‭

Here,‭ ‬in this blog we have  our logo design,‭ ‬our concepts being rendered before developing logo of ours.

motionplanet logo1
1.For any animé,‭ ‬motions is involved and we consider our firm as an entire  planet having a complete motion.‭ ‬Hence the name motionplanet.‭

motionplanet logo2

2.Next step we decided to create a logo which is a combination of the first letters. Hence we took ‘m’ for motion and ‘p’ for planets. As the shape of a planet is round,‭ ‬we have drawn circles for the‭ ‬letters m and p.‭

motionplanet logo3
3.Now these two letters with circles have been taken up.
motionplanet logo 4
4.Both circles have‭ ‬been combined.‭

motionplanet logo 5   5.Now upper surfaces of circle are joined to bring in the‭ ‬‘m‭’‬ shape.‭

motionplanet logo 6

6.Here the p shape is done.

motionplanet logo 7   7.Combination of both m and p is being made and the logo is ready.

motionplanet logo8
8.Next step is the colouring.‭ ‬We employed orange colour as it indicates  creativity,‭ ‬determination,‭ ‬enthusiasm etc.‭ ‬And the other colour to brighten up things.

motionplanet logo 9
9.Viola our logo is ready.

motionplanet logo1010. Our final logo looks like this

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