On-Tabee Promotional Video- The Making

The Video begins with a restaurant business with a good amount of investment and the profit incurred. People come into your restaurant but this process is reversed. What happens when they move away from the restaurant in a reverse manner though. All your profits are getting lesser and lesser whereas your investment is reversed to greater heights.

This story speaks about the struggling hotel investors who are seeking for better resources.

Well thats why On- Tabee has come into picture. Here Motion Planet has created a 2D animated promotional explainer video for On- Tabee, a restaurant food ordering system app which aids customers in choosing their menu before they arrive to the respective restaurant.

The most important aspect being rendered in this video is the animation style. We always deliver a single set of animation for the entire video but here reverse animation is being rendered.

Video Creation Process:

We like to thank our client for keeping their patience and faith in us for creating this On-Tabee 2D animation video. They just required a normal 2D video for their client.But we denied and therefore wanted to make it different. Hence after deep discussions came into the concept of reverse animation.

Actually it was a great idea arising from our designers and developers to make this happen. The script was coined within a couple of days and the whole structure was framed. Then this was followed by the storyboard and then the animation part.

After different color combinations we found green to the best background color. Now the storyboard along with the background colors and the characters are ready. The next step is the animation. Here before animation the whole set of video is divided into different scenes (scene1, scene 2 and so on).

Let’s take a look at the storyboard to make things clear.


Could you notice the difference? Well let me help me out. Here are four scenes are taken from the entire video as a sample. All these scenes are 2D animated. Scene 1 and Scene 4 have been developed using a single type of animation but for Scene 2 &3 it is being done with two sets of animations. One is forward animation and other is reverse animation.

Thus this video has become one of our distinct video from the others and thereby is playing a great role for promotion of the On-Tabee App in a great manner.

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