Missing out something in your marketing efforts? Why not try Explainer Videos

animated explainer videos

Well you have a great product or service and still not getting the best out of your traditional marketing efforts? Have you ever thought of putting up an explainer video? These videos are hughly dominating in many social networks like Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and so on. Well if you are still not convinced then lets check out the advantages which these videos could provide.

What is an explainer video?

These are the short set of videos which makes all your complex business information into a simpler one. Here the animation, script and characters involved brings provides an info about a product or service which could create interest in the viewers with a pinch of humour.

The best part in this video is that it could be used both as sales and education tool. You could upload them in You tube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social networks. This could be integrated in your websites as well and the only requirement being here is to have a video player installed.

The New User Manual:

Today explainer videos are considered as the modern user manual as it explains all your business within a single video. Many viewers are liking this as it not just a talking head, also people stick around watching them for a longer time. It is found that these videos get repeat views in a greater aspect as they are educational in nature.

User Expectations:

Today many users expect an explainer video of your product or service. The reason being for this is that it becomes easy to consume the content of a product rather than reading them up. This also bring an authencation to your company as fake videos cannot exist.

Presentations brought to life:

Explainer Videos are easy to understand and can act as a training material for your sales people. No need for long presentations just a few minutes of video would get the things done for you.

Bring in proper understanding:

These videos educate and explain. A good video is the one which clears complex concepts and makes them simpler which makes it easy for your viewers to understand your concept. This also reduces the resistance towards sales.

Makes your business alive:

Often corporates bring in their presentations to be a stiff one but this could be made interesting with the help of explainer videos. A good explainer video pumps in your business which consists of a personality which makes viewers to consider your company having a human side.

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