How to start analyzing your video marketing metrics?


Marketeers need to follow advanced video marketing metrics to effect better lead generation. Videos have to be engaging enough with the target set on the right audience. Viral success of your video or huge exposures are still meaningless if your videos just play and don’t do business. Turning prospects into clients is the ultimate goal of any marketing video.

Following are the tips to effective video marketing metrics.


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the snapshots of an organization ,which can be displayed through charts and reports. When it comes to a video, the relevant KPI is the Engagement Rate. A powerful Engagement Rate is necessary to boost your lead generation process. The Engaging Rate of the whole video must be analyzed to check and pinpoint the lively areas where the video gets super interesting, and the grey areas where the video slopes down dull and boring.

With that information,you need to work out on your scripts and the video making process. Re-focus on producing the video content that get clients hooked and trim the boring and “not-so-lucid” parts. Finally, determine the accuracy of the video through Heat Maps and the other ongoing Viewer Trends.


There are many tools to check the performance of your video.Hosting your video on the appropriate sites will get you the right feedback. This will let you know the segments of your video that are not likely to engage the audience.

Popular video hosting sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Wistia, Vidyard etc., help you host your video and find out if they boost your conversions or not. They give you the in depth details of the number of views, the traffic rate, search rankings and the kind of audience that watch them. Added up,the reviews of the viewers can give you the knowledge if your video content is what they require.They may post Queries, or suggest features, which will indeed, help to a great extent. You can interact through comments, or create add-ons and drive traffic to your site. Few other online tools such as “Youtube Rank Checker” will inform you where your video stands amidst the whole pool of competitors.


“Customized dashboards” is one of the “self-help” strategies that you can implement to get a clearer insight of your own video. You are able to segregate the dumb corners and the totally irrelevant frames from the goal-specific ones. This lets you organize your video better, and do a little bit of back and forth, just to get it right.

The videos can be constantly monitored and tracked after stipulated time lapses ,if they actually improve conversions after customizing them on dashboards. Keep generating reports right from scratch and see how your revisions and editions influence your customers.

Well, A long story short, gather insights about your video from the end user point of view through the potential video marketing metrics and improvise.

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