How to Generate Leads through your Infographic Content

Infographics lets you to simplify all your complex, boring and dull data into something interesting and awesome. Here visual contents and eye-catching graphics are rendered to your data which grabs your viewer’s attention. This could also be shared in social media having the same content of a blog thereby gaining more exposure. Also generating infographics for your website would lead to a better traffic.

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But the fact is these could also lead to more leads?

By creating an effective conversion path and easy sharing social media tool, your infographics can turn out into a lead generation machines and here is how this is made possible.

Represent your Infographics with the best offers:

Analyze the channel through which you get your leads from, through e books, free samples, free trails.

Take any one of the offers and see how it could be further teased up. Write down the interesting facts which promote them more or the problems which it solves. You could use details like:

  • Statistic data of any kind

  • Interesting peace of information

  • Random bits of trivia

Build your Infographics:

No designer for your infographic? No problem. You could design your own using free templates. These are available in powerpoint and are very easy to be customized. Just input all the interesting titbits according to the design. This is pretty fun and you could try one for you.

Create a blog post to showcase your Infographic:

Now that you got a infographic next step is to showcase them in your site. A blog post is the best for this and you could add your graphics with a single paragraph explanation above them. While doing this don’t forget to use the appropriate keyword. This helps people to locate your infographics easily in the search engines thereby influencing ranking and also easy sharable in social medias.

Add Call to Action (CTA) in your blog post which leads to your offer:

Create a call to action button in your infographic leading to your offer homepage. The more attractive the CTA more are the number of people reaching to the home page which could result to a closure. Remember the CTA should be hyperlinked to the webpage.

Provide a code that makes your Infographic embeddable:

You cannot always expect your infographic to go viral. Hence create your infographic which has code to be embedded in websites. Through this your content can also be shared in other websites as well. Thereby your content is not only limited to social medias and don’t forget to add a link to your website homepage.

Make your Infographic easy shareable through social media:

Certain blog platforms have the option of social media button sharing buttons in them. If you don’t have then create one and signing up one is too easy.

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