How Long Does it Take to Make an Explainer Video?

There are lot of questions being debated regarding the duration for making an explainer video and also why companies are taking a long time to create one? Well lets get this clarified and there are different types of video production, custom based video development and template based animated video production. But it is crucial to understand the difference between these two.

The major difference is the quality being rendered. Template based video is guaranteed to be developed within a day but as mentioned there would be various limitations in the quality. Whereas custom video production takes 4 to 5 weeks to developed but when it comes to quality it can be never compromised. Custom based video production requires a great team of professionals to make things right. Here is one example.

Lets take a look into the process of how we created an explainer video of this type.

Script- Bringing in Meaning to the Story:

This is the main backbone for any video and takes a good amount of time to make it ready. During this it is needed to have a research about the targeted audience, how to target them, establishing marketing goals. Finally this is delivered to the explainer video production company but this is a quite complex process which needs to be endeavoured in a great manner.

The script should comprise of all the information included in your brainstorming sessions. This could take a week’s time to get the final output with a lot of corrections, inputs and negotiations.

Storyboard- Deciding How to Do?

This is where you decide how your video is to be processed. Pencil sketches are done here in a board and the entire video is processed in a step by step process. The storyboard also allows you to have a entire visualization of the video and helps to make some valuable corrections to bring in the best while your video is being created.

Characters and Design- Adding Value to Your Video:

The characters designed should be done in a way that it represents your target audience. And it would take sometime to develop a animated explainer video to represent your targeted audience.

While creating a video equal effects should be applied to the background and the rest of visuals. A colour pallet if added according to the brand ‘s colour would be great.

Animation- Characters Brought to Life:

You can never go easy in this part as this the sum of all the efforts being rendered by you. Animation is crucial for establishing a deep connection of your video with your audience. All the characters should be animated in a lively manner which induces your viewers to be interested in you. Depending on a sophistication of your product, the video should be designed in such a manner.

Final Points:

Finally towards the end of the video, the thing to be considered is the background music. A great video is never devoid of a music and it is expected that you have a great sound for your video to make it more appealing. Hire the experts in the background music to create a great video. For every expression of a character the appropriate sounds is to be rendered to give a create a great video.

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