Five Steps On How Your Marketing Campaign is Boosted Using Videos

Today videos are almost present everywhere in the web, be it a post in Instagram, Facebook and for a search term in Google. Video content is liable to stay long and will rule the internet for quite a longer time. This is the reason why you cannot leave behind video in your marketing campaign.

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Here let us find why video is going to the be the next trend to implement your marketing campaign in the best manner.

1.Right On the Pitch:

Today for an average person time is the greatest constraint, but with the help of animated explainer video all your business is explained a short span. Within a span of 90 seconds all your business information is brought into an animated flavour which is entertaining and great to watch at.

Here is an example of how much entertaining a video can create to your business.

2.YouTube for help:

If I want to watch videos online, the first thing which comes to my mind is YouTube. This is the same scenario for all the common set of viewers online. Also putting up your explainer video proves good as this is the second largest search engine after Google. Once your video is a hit in YouTube then the amount of traffic generated would be enormous.

3.Get Rewards from Google:

Google loves the websites which have a reduced bounce rate and more viewer engagement ratio. By keeping videos above the fold in your homepage it is guaranteed to increase your page rank as it fulfils the above aspects. Also by placing videos it lets people to stay longer in your homepage as it is liable to catch their attention for sure.

4.Experience Brand Love:

A great explainer video would be the one which is being created for the audience rather than just for marketing. The viewers should feel that the content of the video is just created for them, by bringing in a solution for their problem by using animated characters.

Here is an example for one such kind of videos.

5.Reaped Benefits- More Sales and ROI:

Animated marketing video helps to engage your audience and also makes them comprehend the products or service it is about. Also by putting up the video in YouTube it helps to improve your video SEO and in turn is noticed by Google, which brings in more visits to your site.

At the end many businesses have found an increase in their sales by 20% by placing videos in their homepage, thereby becoming a great ROI. This is the reason why many marketers are employing videos for their marketing campaign. Do the same to your business by creating an animated video.

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