Explainer Videos The Best Medium to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate determines the percentage of people who enter a website and leave immediately. This is a determining factor of how effective is your webpage in engaging the audience, making them stay for a longer time. If this percentage is high then it clearly indicates that your webpage is not making things interesting for the viewers. But this scenario can be changed with help of a explainer video production. These can reduce your bounce rate by making viewers engage to your site for more than two minutes also grabbing their attention and making them stick to the content you’re delivering.

bounce rate

Here are few tips on how your bounce rate would be reduced with the help of these videos.

Not Just Grab but Keep Your Audience:

There are many who have tasted success by making their audience engage to their content and have expressed internet to be the best medium to do so. The reason being is that the number is more and also there are chances that they viewing them. If you could bring your viewers to your site then you should do whatever it takes to keep them on it.

The need to grab attention is absolutely pivotal and make sure that you keep a video over the fold. The means to guarantee this is the first thing your viewers see. They will press play and stay longer and most importantly it is not just to grab their attention but to make them stay to your website.

Offer a Glimpse:

For any video before it is played up a glimpse of it is offered through a thumbnail. You would have got visitors to your site and made them notice your video but if there are not convinced with the snapshot of the video, the chances are less to watch your video.

Here thumbnail plays a great part and make sure that they are compelling, an inviting one, customized image which has the liability to convert your visitors into viewers. The genius part lies in these details and ensure that you give a best shot of this. Every little thing counts.

Bring in a Professional:

As there is a saying that ‘First Impression is the Best Impression’ and here when people enter your site what they see is what they get. After all this is a representation of your brand and hence there is need of a high quality video. If there is a need of one then hire the best animated explainer video production company. All things that are required for an effective customer engagement would be taken care by them.

By leaving it to the Pros, they understand your needs by creating a video which catches the emotion of your targeted audience. This is done by the characters designed, animated. Emotional bond once created brings in trust and also makes them aware of your brand. It is hardly noticed that viewers leave a website which is too good and your video should act as an essential ingredient for the entire recipe.

Here is an example of such videos.

Making Your Audience a Star:

When people go online to research for companies that solves their problem, the first thing that they notice is the content of these businesses. They will always look out for the ones that addresses their problems.

Long story or short story whatever it may be your video should be made for the audience. This might sound bit crazy but if you provide a video that understands the problems of audience, then they would be convinced in a way that this is video is just made for them. This could turn out to be a crucial factor as your product is not only marketed but also being remembered.

Here is an example for such kind of video.

Now that you have acquired the vital aspects of a video to reduce your bounce rate. The next step is to create them.

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