Explainer Video- Your Search Engine’s Best Friend

Stats have proved that explainer videos have become the useful resources for shooting up conversion rates and in turn increasing the sales of many businesses. This has also occurred due to the consequence of making your website visible and reachable to your audience. But to make this possible your need to formulate a design for search engine strategy.

seo friendly

Well in this case marketing explainer videos can lend you a hand for help. Backed with the best SEO strategies your site is liable to be found by more in Google and You tube. Here are some methods of how these set of videos are of a help.

More Time on Your Website:

Among the search engines Google is the leading one as it occupies greater share among search engines and also most searched among people. Hence this is made mandatory to make your website to be visible among them and also for this to be done there is a need to achieve high rankings among SERP.

The time spent on a website has really become an important factor for this as this is the major criteria considered by Google for the ranking purpose. Having a great two minute animated explainer marketing video helps a lot by engaging your viewers to your site and in turn increasing your website’s SERP. Here more the time spend by your viewers can lead to a conversion provided the presence of appropriate Call to Action buttons present.

YouTube Your Saviour:

YouTube also provides you great help similar to Google. Videos are the most sought among viewers in regard to educational purposes, news or informations about anything. As YouTube is the most popular among people it helps to promote your business well. Just integrate your marketing video of your business in your homepage by means of a YouTube Channel. Google considers YouTube as a valuable link for ranking and also uses it as medium for video search. This also makes your video popular among viewers and could lead to a conversion.

More Shares Leading to More Promotion:

Today among social media viewers are more prone to check visual content like infographics, videos more than that of long texts. Hence you could put up videos here for a better reach and brand promotion. The viewers if more impressed would definitely share it among their friends which could reach more people. Hence more the shares greater is the amount of promotion. But make sure that the link provided makes your viewer to visit your homepage. This is a great tip for increasing your website ranking among search engines.

As more videos are being put up in social media you could always try out animated explainer videos which is liked among all ages.

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