Essential Aspects to be Known Before Creating an Explainer Video


Did you know that 85% of customers who watch explainer are liable to purchase your product. Animated explainer videos break down all your complex business information into simpler form thereby convincing your customers without having a pain to go through the long descriptive sheets.

So how to create an effective explainer video? Here are some steps considered before getting into the creation of the same.

Getting your target right:

Your target is the root cause for your video. Before getting into action for a brainstroming session get a hold of these two aspects:

  • Characteristics: This is an important aspect in your video and this decides its tone. This makes your video either adventurous, fun or conservative. The script, images, colors and voice makeover is build up based on this.

  • Understanding your problem: This aspect determines the bread and butter of your video. If this is rendered in a efficient manner then your job is done.

Keep it Simple:

Simple animated videos are succesful more than the other ones. These have a goal and a clear message. Start your video by considering what you want your users to be known from this.Imagine that what your consumer would say about your video within a single sentence. This becomes the starting point.

Choose the right agency:

Not everyone would have an in house creative team to build explainer videos. But this could be done with the help of an agency. Before employing one three basic questions should be considered.

  • Aspects of their production: Some agencies work with you from scratch till the end of the video (like script, concept, characters) while others just develop the video and leave the rest with your in house team. Your in house team determines the success for your video and hence pick the right set of induviduals.

  • Do all their videos look similar: If this is the aspect then move away from them. Viewers expect a different video each time and hence choose an agency which suits these aspects.

  • Do their videos keep you engaged: Explainer videos created should impress the viewers within its few seconds and it is good that this is done within 15 seconds. If you find their videos having the pinch of humor and wanting you to watch the whole video then sign them up immediately.

Time the major factor:

The length of the video is an optional one but the recommended time for each video is between 60 to120 seconds.This could seem to be a small amount of time to explain your business but you could bring in some tongue twisters which catches the attention of your viewers. It is important that viewers understand what your video is about and encourage them to take a further action.

Effective Script:

The characters and animation built is brought to life through the script provided. Firstly it is important that you don’t have large words to be speak in vidoes and the recommended speaking speed per video is 150 words per minute.

Start your script with four sections problem,solution, how it works and call to action. This is just a guideline and not a strict rule but implementing these methods would bring a great start to your video. Start your video by narrating a story as many viewers like watching relative stories which could further lead to conversion.

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