About Us

We help you explain your ideas, services and products through simple and
shareable explainer videos.

Who we are?

Motionplanet comprises of a team of young, talented experienced animators, voice over artists and designers who are always eager to deliver the best. We render great work towards 2D and 3D animation which could capture the eyes of your clients. Creativity and uniqueness of your video is the main motto of our team.

Our videos are guaranteed to bring in better understanding of business ideas to your viewers by means of the interesting script, storyboard and great animation rendered.We develop promotional videos, advertisment, film and explainer videos for products, websites.

Meet our team

We are small team but showing the result to compete with our big competitors. We built this team with the peoples who having experience in information technology and the art of creativity. So the ideas comes from two dimensions, one is from technical and another from beautiful. That’s why our team being success one and delivering the videos with fulfilment of our customer satisfaction.

Why we having IT experienced people is, the entire world is now with the technology of web and mobile. And there is none of business owners running business without them They are expecting to have a creative explanatory video to show their web and mobile product in different way So with the IT knowledge people, we can easily understand the flow and importance of the product or business.

Our videos have brought changes in many of the businesses and yours could be the next